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Qaps Terminal Airport Lelystad

A growing part of our build environtment is filled with nondescript rectangular boxes to provide space for commercial enterprises. These buildings are needed but they tend to pollute the quality of the scenic values. The design for the QAPS terminal on the airport Lelystad addresses this predicament by transforming the type of the rectangular box into a characteristic shape constructed out of associative materials. This generates an elegant building which refers to aviation, giving recognizable expression to the program of the airport and contributing to the scenic qualities.

As part of the development for realizing a maintenance cluster for regional and business aviation, the design is made for an airport terminal for airplane maintenance / parking and facilitating unplanned air traffic , such as private jets. The program consists of: maintenance hangar, storage hangar, workshops, depot space, indoor parking, office spaces general / MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) / FBO (Fixed Base Operations), showroom, passengers lounge and skybox.

The inspiration for uniting the pragmatic and luxurious characters in one building, within clear investment frameworks, was found in the era when aviation was seen as a challenge and attracted mundane pioneers, the time when airplanes were still constructed out of wood. The shape of the building is based on an original cross-section of a wing, mirrored in duplicate, that has enabled man to fly.

Laminated, asymmetrically curved, wooden trusses span the hangars and associated program. The mirroring of the construction gives the building its definitive double-arched contour. The roof is clad with aluminum riveted plating and the front and rear façades are made transparent, so that light and views are largely provided. The clear organization, form and appearance represent the specific function of the building in an appropriate manner.

Maintenance and / or replacement of both technology and the interior of aircraft is carried out in the MRO hangar and up to 4 airplanes can be parked in the second hangar. The required organization of the work is amply provided in office spaces, which get a direct view into the hangars. The company that will carry out the interior renovations will also have a spacious showroom for showing customers all the options.

In addition to the maintenance work for airplanes, the building is also a departure port for exclusive air traffic of private and business clients. Characteristic of this air traffic is the luxurious character. That is why it is made possible to park indoors in the immediate vicinity of the airplanes, to stay in the lounge with a spacious terrace overlooking the airport or to meet in the sky box with a view of the aircraft in the hangar. Optimal privacy is offered by giving the plinth of the building at the front up to a height of 3 meters a closed character.

Project                      QAPS Airport Terminal

Location                   Airport Lelystad, NL

Program                  Passenger terminal hangar with carpark, airplane storage, lounge, office space and a maintenance hangar with workshop, showroom and offfice space

Size                               Airplane storage 1.750 m², maintenance 1.750 m², carpark 250 m², lounge 250 m², workshop 750 m², showroom 750 m², office space 1.600 m² (gross internal area)

Client                        QAPS Lelystad

Design                        Architects: Dolf Langerak / Jemima de Brauwere, part of designteam at AAARCHITECTEN

Projectpartners    Grontmij Nederland

Status                        Preliminary design

Program and initial rectangular volume

The volume providing hangarspace for airplane maintenance on one side and airplane terminal with passenger lounge on the other side is split into two volumes connected by a support zone to facilitate flexible exploitation. The terminal program is organised to provide fast, comfortable and private transition from car to airplane. 

Transformation to iconic wingshape, daylight and privacy

The volume is transformed into an iconic wingshape that rests on a plinth which provides privacy for passengers. The front and back façades are made transparant to let daylight enter and to permit broad views from the passenger lounge, offices and showroom.

Materials in reference to oldskool aviation

To emphasize the iconic expression of the building it is constructed out of materials referring to aviation from the old days. Aluminium sheeting with pop-rivets and laminated wood supported by a concrete base generate the desired character.


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