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Simyo Headquarters Restyle

What should a contemporary office embody in times when most businesses get increasingly digitized? One could argue that for digitized companies the importance of having an office that reflects and carries out the company identity gets less and less. Surprisingly, the opposite is the case. The tendency in branding is to combine a strong visual and digital identity with a corresponding physical identity. This physical environment not only embodies the image of the product or service provided but also the environment in which this is made / organised by the employees. In other words, a specific work atmosphere which is part of the communicated brand.

This tendency was the starting point for the design of restyling the office of Simyo, the online brand of KPN, the biggest telecommunications company in the Netherlands. Simyo is the young, hyperactive, cheerfull, sweet and a bit strange, little brother of KPN and the requirements specifically asked for this identity to be communicated within the work atmosphere. In the design this is combined with a clear layout which balances between the identity characteristics and needed functionality by zoning areas for working, reception, walking, meetings (formal and informal), scrumming and relaxing. Between all zones the optimum in needed privacy is provided, where possible connecting people and if needed secluded.

The design changed the interior from a generic, grey and neutral atmosphere into an inviting, dynamic and stimulating one. Natural colours, finishes and vegetation are combined with activating orange / blue elements (Simyo colours) and custom-made, cheerfull icons / elements like colourful patterned cupboard walls for the Wall of Fame, wall-sized illustrations, a vegetated ceiling, a revamped conference table finished with 5.000 simcards and enormous Simyo letters hovering above the entrance.

The entrance and walking zone are defined by flanking couches, the hovering letters, vegetated privacy screens, product displays and lampshades. A large zone for informal, work related meetings is created in the outer corner with wide views outside, fitted with comfortable benches organised around a palmtree and is screened with plants. The enlarged relax zone is completely and cheerfully fitted with everything the employees need to unwind, socialize, eat and play. The meeting rooms are positioned in the area with the least disturbance, facilitating several amounts of people (12p / 6p / 5p / 2p) and providing the choice for a formal or informal setting.

With the new interior for the Simyo office a tailor-made environment is created which communicates the identity of the brand to customers, employees and the community inside and outside KPN.

Project                      Simyo Headquarters Restyle

Location                   Sloterdijk, Amsterdam, NL

Program                  Office space (90 workplaces), entrance zone, informal zone for work related meetings, relax zone, meeting rooms ( 12p / 6p / 5p / 2p ), quiet workspace

Size                               700 m² gross internal area

Client                        Simyo Nederland

Projectpartners    Kenisur Projectmanagement & Advies, KPN Facility Management, Strukton Worksphere, Ninok Houtwerk, FacilitylinQ, Creations by Will 

Photographs          Lucy Photography 

Status                           Completed 2019


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