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XSXL modular house

Imagine it would be possible to instantly accommodate housing shortages? Imagine it would be possible for starters on the housing market to aquire an affordable, circular and expandable dwelling? Imagine it would be possible for everyone to build a house on the location of their dreams, for instance in the city as a cooperative community project at an innercity revitalization location or in a singular form in the middle of nature? Imagine it would be possible to offer refugees dignified temporary housing, which can be reused and transformed into a living community for artists-in-residence on top of an art institution? Be creative and you can think of a multitude of possible applications for the XSXL modular design concept.

XSXL is a socially committed and sensible solution which offers versatility for all. Flexible, prefabricated, modular, scalable, reusable, circular, possibly off-the-grid, spacious, affordable and quick to build.

The house is fully prefabricated, it consists entirely of modules, walls, floors, facade, roof, stairs, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and technical facilities. This means that all modular parts can easily be transported by truck to any given location. On location, the house is assembled and delivered to the residents over a minimal period of time.

The basic model (XS) provides a house of 38m² which fully complies with all building regulations. Although modest in size, the house offers exceptional spatial qualities, due to the double height of the living room, by which it is spatially connected to the bedroom, with a full view outside from the entire house through a fully glazed façade. In case residents wish for an extension of the house, initially or in the course of time, an additional module has been developed, which can be added to the building which increases it up to 70m² (XL), adding space for a larger living room and an extra bedroom.

Project                      XSXL modular house

Location                   Worldwide

Program                  Prefabicated, modular, circular house

Size                               38m² (XS) up to 70m² (XL) gross internal area

Client                        Kelderman Bouw

Design                       Architects: Dolf Langerak / Jemima de Brauwere / Gert Jan Kruijning, part of designteam at AAARCHITECTEN

Status                        Development proposal


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